You got into the music industry because you love music

and it’s way more sexy than working in a bank, right? You want to succeed, achieve recognition, play at prestigious events or have great artists on your roster.

You’re working hard and may find it difficult to take breaks without feeling guilty, or say no to more work or more events due to fear that it’ll all stop tomorrow or that someone else will take your place. This is a demanding, competitive, 24/7 industry and the pressure’s real - so here you are feeling stressed, anxious or insecure.

You wonder if you’re ever going to be recognized for all your efforts or, if you’ve already made it, why the hell you’re not happier.

Maybe you’re not just working hard but you’re playing hard too and you’ve started to feel the impact on your mind and body. After a big weekend, you feel tired, depressed and very unproductive.

All of this has a huge impact on your wellbeing, happiness, personal relationships and success.

Venting to friends or escapism might give you temporary relief. You may find it hard to reach out, fearing you’ll appear weak. Or you believe you shouldn’t complain in the first place: isn’t a career in music all you’ve ever wanted? You know this is NOT sustainable but aren’t sure how to move forward…

I know EXACTLY what you’re going through, my dear. And you’re not alone.

After working in the music business for 15 years, and as a result of a lot of stress, late nights (and waaay too many hangovers to count), I’m very aware of the realities of the industry behind the scenes. The work-hard/party-hard lifestyle can be so damn challenging, and after seeing so many artists and colleagues struggle or burn out completely, I decided I wanted to help change things.

It doesn’t have to be that way, my lovelies!

This is why I’ve created specific coaching programmes which help artists and music industry professionals feel clearer, more balanced and confident, about both themselves and their future.


The result is that you’re better equipped for long-term success, but not at your own expense

Like you, I’ve had dream jobs in the industry, working for British labels and programming the Razzmatazz club in Barcelona.

My life looked like a big party from the outside and I thought I ought to be happy.

Instead, I was exhausted all the time and I kept getting to a point of dissatisfaction, leading me to: quit jobs, relocate twice, and ending with a full-on professional crisis, during which I wondered what the hell I was going to do next.

In parallel, I started to become fascinated with anything to do with personal development, studying dozens of books on the subject, attending workshops, courses and committing to my own self-work. I trained with the Coaches Training Institute, leader in its field, to become a life coach - so I could help others on their journeys. I share self-development tools from fields such as NLP, neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology in my sessions (and to better deal with my own demons and life’s challenges). Even a life coach goes through shit, which means: you won’t be judged but rather you’ll feel understood and fully supported (with a bit of arse kicking when needed).

I believe balance is key, and that everyone should find their own version of it.


I also believe success is about having an exciting, fulfilling and meaningful life.


On a Friday night, you’ll either find me watching a spiritual documentary (nerd alert!) or at a club (because granny ravers rule), or else being a crazy cat lady with my rescue cat, Vega. I love to travel (50+ countries and counting), analysing my dreams, and I’m a big fan of Phil Collins. There. Now you know my guiltiest pleasure.


I’m so glad you found me! I can’t wait to start this journey with you and help you:

create a life you love, and love the life you have.

Ready to rock it? 

Ariane xx

Adam Carter.png
I was struggling to see the wood for the trees, working a million projects at the same time and constantly feeling like I was drowning. During coaching I felt really good, my mind was clearer and less burdened. I had a more positive outlook and a new-found appreciation of everything. My partner was really happy and noticed in a difference in me. I now manage my time differently and working on devoting more time to my family.
— Adam Carter, Music PR Director
Raquel .png
Through deep conversations about my struggles and personalised tools, I went from feeling stuck and lacking purpose, to have the direction and guidance I needed to achieve my goals. Ariane has this amazing energy which allowed me to be myself, in a safe space without judgment. I now have more structure and clarity, and I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life and career in a different country.
— Raquel Martins , Head of Video at Believe Music
Ariane is a genuinely lovely and generous person. Her authenticity comes across straight away, you get the feeling that she really cares for you and wants the best for you. In just a couple of sessions she helped me clarify some issues I was confused about and left me feeling energised and positive. I recommend Ariane’s coaching wholeheartedly.
— Annabel Ross, freelance Music Journalist
I had doubts about my professional future and being able to find a suitable job after relocating. After coaching with Ariane I found a way to manage my stress and the self-doubts that had previously prevented me from being confident in myself and I finally found a dream job in the music industry. During coaching I felt completely at ease to talk openly, which enabled me to express thoughts and feelings which I’d previously struggled with. It felt like teamwork: Ariane empowered me to make my own progress.
Thank you for enabling me to believe in myself and remove the obstacles which had been blocking my path. Sometimes you need guidance and support in order to make the correct decisions: try coaching, you’ll like it!
— Geraldine Courtois, Marketing Director at Brunch In The Park


Who’s that girl?

Some random facts to help you get to know me better

- I went to my first music festival aged 17, in a foreign country, with no credit card and no idea how I’d get home. Ah, the innocence of youth. At my second festival there were 4 of us sleeping in a 2 person tent. My third one was a muddy Glasto with no wellies and no tent. It started to improve after that.

- Approx number of hours spent clubbing: 8000. What do you expect from someone who was dancing on tables in Greek nightclubs aged 3?

- I had a tiger mum-type of parenting, which meant I had to produce excellent results as a student, competitive swimmer, and pianist. This naturally led me to burnout aged 16, alcohol and clubbing! It also led me on a quest to find more balance in my life, and not letting my self-worth depend on external achievements

- I have bungee jumped and parachuted. I snowboard, dive and pretend to know how to surf. I love challenging myself out of my comfort zone and exploring all that life has to offer

- I start my mornings with yoga, meditation and visualising my goals. I used to be quite angry and stressed and now I’m not, thanks to meditation.

- I often cry and laugh at the same time.

- I dig personal development, quantum physics and spirituality as much as I dig music - and I walk the talk. I’m constantly learning and growing so I can serve you better