How to stay in the game long-term: Marlon Hoffstadt

Welcome to the first episode of the Musician Interviews series, where I’m chatting to artists who’ve been on the scene for a while and had success in a way that’s sustainable.

Learning from their experience and tips may help you realise that 1. you’re not alone and 2. there are things you can, and probably should do to maximise your chances of staying in this business in the long-term (cuz one-hit wonders are for the 80s).

First in the series is DJ & electronic music producer Marlon Hoffstadt (remember ‘Shake That’? which he co-produced when he was just 19!). Marlon is wise beyond his years (on top of being super nice and successful) -  and his advice may help you see things from a different perspective and avoid some common mistakes.


Watch now to discover:

  • Why having balance is a process and a practise
  • How his first panic attack aged 23 led him to become interested in yoga and meditation
  • How to look at your career in the long-term Vs feeling you can’t say no to shows


Find out:

  • How going back to the present moment can help you with self-doubts
  • The impact of social media addiction


Here we discuss:

  • When commercial success kills your passion
  • Why it’s important to define success for yourself 
  • Marlon's advice if you’re struggling
  • Why being honest and loving yourself makes for better music


Those tips - if you apply them - may be game-changers for your life and career. For this to happen though you need to take ACTION - check out how my Thrive program can support you on this journey.

Here’s to you staying balanced, fulfilled and happy in the music industry for many years to come!


Marlon Hoffstadt pix.png

Marlon Hoffstadt started to produce electronic music aged 17, and has lots of releases on labels such as FFRR, Off recordings, Ransom Note, Retrograde, and his own Midnight Themes label. He’s performed all over the world, and curates the Savour the Moment events.