Musician Interview Series: How to stay in the game long-term

How can you have a long-term career as a musician without burning out? And what can you learn from artists who made it?

Djs, producers and musicians face unique challenges, whether that’s intensive touring, a lifestyle that tends to be unhealthy, pressure to deliver or a competitive and unstable environment.

So I’ve created an interview series with successful artists so they can share their tips and experience - because there’s nothing like learning from your peers: people who’ve been on the scene for a while and who’ve learned a thing or two. The aim is to inspire you and to help you overcome common challenges, so you can stay in the game long-term.

I’m picking their brains on topics rarely talked about in music interviews (cuz I’m a life coach yo!). How do they stay balanced - at home and on the road? How do they deal with self-doubts, criticism and social media pressure? What does success mean to them? What did they learn over the years of being an artist?


You may have a team around you managing your career, your live dates, your releases and/or your publishing, but no one really teaches you HOW to navigate life in the music industry - with all its pitfalls, temptations and challenges. No one teaches you how to stay confident, focused, creative and emotionally stable - so you can thrive in your professional and personal life. So that’s exactly why I created a coaching programme to help you do just that!

I’m on a mission to help you reach the next stage of your career with more balance, clarity and confidence, so if you’re struggling with anxiety, self-doubts or burnout, be sure to watch these interviews!


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