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Monthly podcast for Radio Primavera Sound where I discuss wellness and personal growth topics to help you thrive and feel inspired.

Tune in to hear actionable tips and advice, interviews with music industry guests, and feel-good music. Email me your most burning questions on those topics for the chance to get them answered live on the show (I’ll respect your privacy so don’t be shy!)

I feel this podcast was talking to me directly! it gave me the reassurance that I’m heading in the right direction’
— Sapphire, DJ & Music Producer


#1: Mental health in the music industry

Listen up to discover why this is a much talked-about topic, hear 3 steps which will help you maintain a healthy mind, and find out why reaching out for help means you’re strong AF.


# 2: Self-care for music industry professionals

Discover the 5 pillars of a self-care routine that keeps you mentally and physically healthy in the music industry. You'll also hear some tips to help you stick to your routine, and some Italo Disco to get you motivated! Download your routine checklist here.


# 3: Self-Esteem

What are the signs of a low or healthy self-esteem? How does not loving yourself show up when you work in the music industry - and what can you do about it? Plus, love songs from Serpentwithfeet and Luther Vandross.


#4: Your Hero’s Journey

Put your cape on and embark on an exciting journey you’ll be called to go on various times throughout your life. Discover how the journey unfolds, how to best move forward throughout its different stages, and why it leads to fulfillment and self-realization.
Soundtrack from Vangelis, Ashra and Koreless.


#5: Work-life Balance

Discover some steps to increase your work-life balance - including a simple coaching exercise to get you started - as well as my answer to listeners’ questions such as how on earth do I stop thinking about work all the time? Music from Aisha Devi, Cocteau Twins and Inner City. Receive content on how to live the good life by subscribing to The Olympian


#6: Artists tips: on success, touring and performance anxiety

Hear tips from Max Cooper, Jlin and Red Axes on how to make touring easier and how to overcome performance anxiety. I also discuss why you should have a compelling reason behind what you choose to do as a career, and give you coaching questions to help you define success for yourself.